The PPI deadline is only 6 months away. Time to check for mis-sold PPI today.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

mis-sold PPI deadline

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claiming will soon be over for good. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) agreed a final deadline of 29th August 2019 for all complaints relating to mis-sold PPI.

That’s because in 2017, the financial regulator agreed a final deadline for all complaints relating to mis-sold payments protection insurance, and now Martin Lewis has warned it’s time to get every penny back.

The PPI deadline is only 6 months away. Hurry up, start your PPI claim today. Time to get every penny possible back.


The PPI scandal first came to light in 2008. The FCA intervened after thousands of complaints around mis-sold payment protection insurance were brought to their attention.
PPI initially started with good intentions. The cover protected customers if the borrower becomes ill or disabled, loses their job, dies or falls victim to any circumstance that leaves them unable to repay their debt to the bank. It was a safety net for a rainy day when people were not able to pay their mortgage.

However, many people have been sold PPI either against their will or not-knowingly. The bankers scammed consumers into getting PPI cover without the customer being eligible at all. All of this in order to claim big, fat commissions and extra money for the banking institutions, as the policy would not be eligible to be claimed.
Many people didn’t have PPI and are not owed any money back regardless of any PPI claim raised. However, up until now, the banks have paid out £34 million and have much more put aside for PPI claims payouts. It could be you!


How do I know if I have PPI?

Anyone who has taken any type of the below loans in the past 30 years, is eligible to claim PPI. Do it as soon as possible, as there has already been an overhauling of PPI claims and the banks started slowing down on decision times – so has FOS.
• Have you had a mortgage in the past 30 years? You could claim PPI
• Have you taken out a credit card in the past 30 years? You could be owed thousands
• Have you had a personal loan or overdraft in the past 30 years? You could be eligible for a PPI refund
• Have you taken a car on finance in the past 30 years? You could claim PPI today
• Have you had a store catalogue card in the past 30 years? Even if the retailer is not there anymore, you could still claim PPI charges back


Why should I care about claiming mis-sold PPI?

The PPI cover was mis-sold to customers, or sold without their knowledge.
Some banks did not go through the required PPI eligibility checks as needed, they just added it and didn’t give the customers the choice. They did that to get hefty commissions on the back of the mis-sold PPI.

There have also been cases where consumers already had a payment protection insurance cover through their employer and, therefore, no need to pay twice.
You should care to claim back PPI because of the PPI payouts that reach up to six digits! You can never know what you are owed, if you don’t check. You can start your free PPI check on at any time and one of our PPI experts will contact you to help you with the details.


What information do I need to make a PPI claim?

You will need to know your bank name and, if you have some of the paperwork, that would be even better!
You need to check for phrases such as credit protection insurance, loan repayments insurance, accident sickness, payment protection insurance or any other terms you see with the word “insurance”. If the loan was taken in the past 6 years, you can find it on your credit report. If you don’t have a credit report, go online and register for one with Experian, Noddle or Equifax. It is digital, quick and easy and you can also view your credit score.

If you don’t have any of the paperwork, give us a quick call on 0800 954 0817 and we will be able to help you and point you in the right direction.

If the company is not operating anymore, like Egg for example, don’t worry. We have the full list of who you can claim against when your lender has gone bust.


Can I claim mis-sold PPI on behalf of a deceased relative?

If you are the primary beneficiary, you can claim PPI on the behalf of the deceased relative. However, you will need to be able to prove you are the primary beneficiary. You will also need to know the bank or the account of the deceased. If you have some paperwork, it is even better!
Unfortunately, if you don’t have any of the above details, you won’t be able to claim. If you struggle with claiming mis-sold PPI on behalf of a relative who died, please give us a quick call on 0800 954 0817 for further advice.


What is PPI timebar?

As Martin Lewis said in his blog in 2016, “the regulator the FCA has proposed time limiting PPI claims. Supposedly this is meant to be a boon to consumers. Yet in reality this is just a sop to banks to help them close off the huge liability that their fraudulent selling of PPI has been.”

Consumer campaigners and claims management companies are against the PPI timebar. It is basically a time relief for banks and lenders to stop paying out PPI claims.

After the 29th of August 2019, you won’t be able to complain or appeal against the decision, if your PPI is rejected. You need to start complaining NOW.



What if my lender or bank rejects my PPI claim?

If the bank or lender rejects your mis-sold PPI claim, you can appeal against the decision – it must be done before the PPI deadline of August 29th 2019.

Plevin PPI is all about hidden commissions on your PPI policy. You could be able to complain if you think your provider earned a high level of commission from your PPI and this was not made clear to you when you bought it. It is unlikely that you would have been told how much of your PPI payments were to cover commission charges.

The rule states that, if the bank earned more than 50% commission on your PPI and did not tell you about it, you are entitled for a redress.

The policy needs to still be active in 2008, in order to be eligible to claim.

We have been appealing rejected PPI for the past 3 years with great success. Some of our customers were rejected the first time round on their PPI. However, we were not happy with the decision.

We will always escalate your rejected PPI, if we have got sufficient facts that you have at least hidden commissions taken on your PPI policy. When it comes to getting our customers PPI justice, we always strive for excellence.

If you have tried to claim PPI yourself and you have been rejected, you can always give us a quick call on 0800 954 0817. We will escalate it for you. If you want more information on what Plevin is and how it came about, go to . You can also sign up for escalating your claim online by filling in the simple form.

Remember: if you have already received PPI compensation, you will not be able to claim Plevin, as there is no remaining loss you need to be compensated for. You can only claim undisclosed hidden commissions, if your PPI claim is rejected.


Can I claim mis-sold PPI, if I have an IVA?

Yes, you can still claim mis-sold PPI, if you have an IVA. The first thing to know is that a PPI claim is an asset, whether or not you are aware of its existence. This means that PPI is something of value, like a car or jewellery, which can be sold to pay for the debt.
If you have a mis-sold PPI claim and you claim successfully, either your full redress or part of your redress will be used to pay off your IVA debt. The terms of your IVA will be the basis for the IVA repayment amount, which will be on your IVA documentation.
Depending on the insolvency provider (IP), you should be able to discuss terms of repayments. If the full amount is paid with a part of your redress, then you will get back the PPI refund left.


Can I claim mis-sold PPI for my business?

The answer is yes.
The business PPI policy was usually sold by either a risk solutions or corporate relationship specialist of the bank of choice. Banks were selling business PPI as an efficient solution for businesses to cover any existing loans. However, the policy was invalid for future loans.
Business PPI also came in many other names on a business’s financial statement, with the most popular ones being:
• Business Loan Repayment Insurance (BLRI)
• Business PPI
• Commercial PPI, or
• Corporate Overdraft Repayment Insurance (CORI)

Do you or someone you know work as a sole trader or own a small-medium business? If you have or had a loan with a bank or lender within the past 30 years, you could be eligible.
Our business PPI experts can help on 0800 083 0167.


We can help you claim mis-sold PPI.

We know that complaining can be uncomfortable and time consuming. If you need help making a PPI complaint, get in touch. We’ll run a no obligation check and do all the complaining for you. Our service is no win, no fee – so if you don’t have a claim, you won’t pay a penny.
For consumer PPI claims, go to or call 0800 954 0817 .
For business PPI claims, go to or call 0800 083 0167.