The best apps to help you save

Monday, January 7, 2019

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Trying to get to grips with your finances? We’ve put together a list of our favourite apps to help you budget and save.


If you find it hard to budget, Squirrel could be a lifesaver. The app keeps your bill money to one side and pays it into your current account the day before your bills are due so you don’t accidentally spend it. You can set up spending goals and set an amount to move into these each month. It also splits your salary into weekly payments so you’re not tempted to spend it all in the first week. At £9.99 per month it isn’t the cheapest option on the market, but it does offer an eight week trial period so you can decide if it’s worth it before you commit. Find out more on the website.

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard connects up all of your accounts to allow you to see exactly what you have and how you spend. Purchases are categorised so you understand where your money is going and how you can make changes to save more. The app allows you to set budgets, set up savings goals and plan for the future. Get full details.

Starling Bank

Not just a budgeting app, Starling is a fully online bank account that offers saving and budgeting features. As with the other apps mentioned above, you can set savings goals and track your spending. The app also sends notifications every time you spend money so if, for example, you’ve set a grocery budget of £100 for the month, you’ll know the moment you hit that limit. Read more about the Starling Bank account.


Chip is an automatic savings bot that works out what you can afford to save based on your spending. Once you allow it access to your accounts it will monitor your spending and transfers a small amount into your savings account every few days. The Chip savings account is instant access so if you won’t be stuck for cash if you need it quickly. Learn more on the website.


How many times have you driven round and round trying to find a cheap parking space? Parkopedia shows you a list of car parks, how much they cost and if a space is available so you can always check that you’re paying as little for parking as possible. Find out more.


Tired of paying too much for your groceries? Give MySupermarket a try. Upload your shopping list and it will compare prices across 15 supermarkets and show you where to get the best deal on your shopping. Sign up on the website.


Idealo is a price comparison app that will stop you overspending on items when you could get them cheaper elsewhere. Type in what you’re looking for or if you’re in a shop, scan the barcode, and the app will tell you where to find it for the lowest price. Learn more.


Quidco gives cashback on purchases from a wide range of retailers. The app works on online purchases (if completed through the Quidco app) or in store when you link your card up to the app. Offers update regularly so it’s worth checking before making a purchase if you could earn cashback. Find out more.

O2 Priority

If you’re an O2 customer, signing up for Priority will not only give you early access to tickets but also discounts and freebies. The service is free for O2 customers and offers cheap lunches, free coffees and restaurant vouchers. Sign up to Priority.

Airtime Rewards

Get money off your phone bill by linking your card up to Airtime Rewards. The app works in a similar way to a cashback site but instead of getting cash you get credit on your mobile bill. You can earn credit from a wide range of high street retailers including Boots, Debenhams and Pizza Express. Get more information.