Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) paid contractors £400 to stuff envelopes

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has been accused of wasting tax-payer money by paying contractors an astounding £400 per day to stuff envelopes.
The lender, which is 62% owned by the government, used contractors who were originally hired as specialists to send Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) letters to customers, the Press Association has learned.

A spokesperson for RBS said, “We do not hire contractors at this rate to do this type of work. When we employ contractors, they are paid in line with industry rates according to their experience and skills.

“There have been a limited number of occasions when we have used short-term support from other areas of our business to ensure we are delivering on time and in line with our commitments for our customers.”

One of the contractors, who asked to maintain anonymity, told the Press Association, “It is purely because they have no organisational skills on the project we were on and was a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.”

The revelation comes after RBS Chief Executive Ross McEwan committed to cutting costs and stamping out scandals under his watch.

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